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Mythbusters is a show on the discovery channel that takes common myths, movie and television stunts and tests their validity by using recreations and the scientific method.  I have been watching this show for years now and I am a pretty big fan.  They have  a good mix of science and humor, combined with interesting situations and an explosion/time ratio to challenge that of any Hollywood movie (start drooling fellas).  It has stayed pretty fresh and fun over the years and with seemingly limitless subject matter and a lot of user-generated ideas, the show continues to provide quality entertainment supplemented with interesting facts and exposure to the scientific method to get those young minds thinking about more than just video games.

The show is not pristine clean though.  There is some mild profanity throughout the show and some suggestive moments as well.  The hosts (Adam and Jamie) are thoughtful and definitely have a straight man/funny man dynamic going on throughout the show.  Are also three other hosts to the show that help out with other myths.

I have not seen anything on the show that is antagonistic toward Christians/Christianity, but feel free to correct me if you have seen something like that.

Here is one of my favorite clips from the show:

Bottom line:  I recommend it for people who can handle mild language and some suggestive material as it is an entertaining and educational show that could very well spark curiosity/interest in engineering, chemistry, biology or any other type of science in the mind of a young person.


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