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Scrooge McDuckMaterialism.

It has been on my mind lately.  I had a wonderful Christmas break visiting family in Washington and Oregon.  Of course there were gift exchanges, treats and decorations as with most families in the US this time of year.  I received gift certificates, books, two Seahawks Jersey’s from my two favorite players of all time (Lofa and Largent), some cold hard cash and lots of other stuff.  I LOVED receiving these gifts.  I realize, unfortunately, that my mind is too often set on the material things of this life.  I have literally spent hours looking at Laptop’s, cell phones, video games that I don’t need, and in most cases, I can’t afford.  It’s really sad, and absolutely not God honoring.

Meanwhile, there are people out there (sadly even some of the students at the school I work at) who are just struggling to eat and get clean clothes.  A mentor of mine is requesting financial assistance for a mission trip to Africa to people who have never heard the Gospel.  There are so many other good causes that should be getting the time and financial resources at my disposal.

Is anyone else out there struggling with this issue?  What have you done to combat this issue?  How big of an issue do you believe this sin to be?

I pray that we can, in the words of C. S. Lewis, remind ourselves that “All that is not of eternal use, is eternally useless.


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  1. Two things come to mind after reading this:
    1. To whom much is given, much is expected. Being Americans, I think we are expected of much, ALWAYS.
    2. I think it’s important to look at the passion we have for these things – that we are cautious that they do not become idols to us.

    Personally, I don’t have to have a lot of stuff to make something an idol. Even if I only owned 1 thing in this world, I could see myself finding joy and dependence on it, rather than God. This is where the real concern lies.

    December 30, 2009 at 7:36 AM

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