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Be afraid Satan…be VERY afraid…

Jenn and I went to Church Sunday morning ( and Pastor Paul gave a great sermon (Part two of the “Together” series) about Jesus’ founding of the early church.  The main gist of the message had three key points:

  1. Being a witness is not just a project but a PROMISE! Often, Christians will organize or compartmentalized their faith so that they are active in their faith in one area of their lives but not in others.  We need to step back and realize that we don’t just GO witness but we ARE witnesses.  Witnessing does not stop at any threshold in our lives.  Just because it is no longer Sunday, or that we are no longer in church in no way negates our obligation to be witnesses for Christ.
  2. Being a witness is not safe but SCARY! We Americans (and believe me I include myself in this category) are so preoccupied with safety that often we will go to extreme lengths to avoid any sort of discomfort, pain or fear.   We may give at our church, read the bible and pray (those things are WONDERFUL, don’t get me wrong) but they are also pretty safe in our society.  Jesus allowed himself to be beaten, humiliated and tortured for us…when was the last WE did something even remotely that sacrificial for Him?  GO DO SOMETHING SCARY AND UNCOMFORTABLE!!!  I think you will be amazed at how rewarding it feels after the fact, even if at the time it is scary.
  3. Being a witness is not just local but GLOBAL! Our witness can be much farther reaching than we might ever imagine.  If you want proof of this, check out this video:

I have felt led for a while now to go and witness and evangelize and I have a few ideas:

  • Street Witnessing. I’m mot talking about bullhorns and signs (Too often the focal point of these groups becomes confrontation and proving one’s self right rather than compassion, love and the gospel), but just making it a point to walk around the Portland area and start talking to people about their faith.  It becomes increasingly difficult to do this as people are seemingly constantly plugged into whatever mobile device they have on hand.  I have yet to try this, and to be honest this idea does freak me out a little, but I’m committed to doing it before the end of the year.
  • Nightstrike. In Portland there is a group of people who go out to the homeless community and supply them with foot washes, food, clothing and witnessing.  I have heard great things about this and seen videos.  I will be trying this for the first time this month and I will be posting my impressions of it after the experience.
  • Social Networking. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogs etc. have become powerful tools of communication in the internet era.  I have started to post faith based quotes and bible verses on facebook, and I really believe that with people looking at that time and time again, it CAN make a difference.  I have also posted a few that I know would get some backlash, but they have gotten discussions started and dialogue going about Christ, The bible and faith.  Being bold in our faith with unpopular truth filled statements can be powerful if they are used properly (to help show people truth, not just arguing for the sake of arguing).
  • The Great “Game-Mission”. Some of you may have seen my previous article on “The Great Game-Mission”.  If not, I would ask you to please go read it so that you have an idea of what I am talking about.  I firmly believe that this has the potential to be HUGE.  It’s wonderful to have a group of believers to play video games with, and while it is great for building up one another, it can be DETRIMENTAL to us if we never put ourselves out there.  People feel safe just playing with their christian buddies, but it does NOTHING to SPREAD the gospel to the unsaved.  I would encourage you to  just bring up the gospel to random people you are playing with.  Think about this: You are sending your child out into the world.  You know that you will not see them again on this earth.  You have a chance to say one final thing to them.  So you are going to want to tell them something that is SO important, am I right?  That is exactly what Christ did.  That “so important” thing was THE GREAT COMMISSION!  His last words to us were in essence an emphatic: “SPREAD THE GOSPEL TO ALL THE EARTH!” Ladies and gentlemen, in the United States our youth in the church is disappearing, and a large portion of them are spending more of their lives in front of LCD screens playing internet games, exposed to some of the most hate filled, disgusting, unholy speech (and sometimes content) you will ever encounter.  Talk about a need!  We have an opportunity to not only play games but to CHANGE LIVES AT THE SAME TIME!  We will spend HOURS trying to get achievements, trophies, kill streaks etc. but NONE of them measure up to the glory of being used by the Lord to bring a lost soul to Christ.  GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES!

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