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Holy Ghost Recon

We all know the popular and successful “Ghost Recon” series put out by Tom Clancy and company.  In the game, you are sent in to observe and neutralize threats in varying locations.  Now in the game, the squad is brought in and out of the action through various means.

But my question to you is: What if the squad was there from the beginning and the potential terrorists knew it?  They knew that lurking in ever corner of the city; every restaurant, bar, school, bathroom, bedroom, den and man cave was just crawling with these guys.  Do you think the potential terrorists would ever get away with some of the things they were doing?  No way, the first time a bad guy picked up a gun, assembled a bomb, whatever, our Ghost Recon guy just picks up his gun and BAM!  The dude is a stain on the wall.

But what if the Ghost Recon guy hesitated?  He thinks to himself “Maybe he’ll do the right thing before it’s too late.  Maybe he’ll change his ways.”  Then the potential terrorist goes out and blows up a small business and kills three people.  But, the Ghost Recon guy hesitates again and says to himself “Maybe he’ll do the right thing NEXT TIME.  Maybe he’ll change his ways.”.

Does this sound like anyone you know?  Think really hard…

How about this: God.

Think of God like the Holy Ghost Recon.  There is nothing he doesn’t know, nothing he doesn’t see and yet, he doesn’t pull the trigger on us.  He allows us to live.  He allows us the chance to change our ways, repent and trust in Jesus.  Here is the crazy thing: His standards are even higher than our Ghost Recon guy, and he is even more patient and forgiving than our Ghost Recon guy.

So, my challenge to you for the next week is this: Watch yourself through the 3rd person (A bit of a pun there as in 3rd person meaning both outside of ourselves but also as in the 3rd person in the trinity…you like what I did there? :)).  What would “the 3rd person” be justified in putting his cross hairs on you for?  Being impatient at the store (Guilty)?  Cursing in anger at a bad driver (Guilty)?  Lusting either starting a little too long at that guy/girl in the mall (ALL of us are guilty here), or by viewing pornography (A very good portion of us are/were guilty of this at one point in our lives)?  Telling a “Little white lie” (Guilty)?  Every time you see yourself being guilty of this, remember that God had every right of turning you into a stain on the wall, BUT HE DIDN’T!

Shouldn’t that tell us something about the patience and love of our God?  And how badly he must want to spend time with us, if he loves us enough to restrain himself from eliminating us!  I challenge ALL of us this week to reflect on how much he cares for us, and let that acknowledgment of his love lead you to spend time in prayer and with his word.

What are your thoughts on this?  Are you going to accept the “Holy Ghost Recon Challenge”?  If so, WONDERFUL!  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts/reflections on this next Monday.  Also, please feel free to respond to this post on my personal blog as well if you like:

May God bless you this week and I pray that this exercise/challenge will help us to appreciate his grace and mercy even more than we do already.



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