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Review: "9"…Reasons I did not enjoy this movie

I know this post is going to come off as negative, but I really did not find this movie enjoyable.  So here it goes:

  1. Elijah Wood is not convincing as a lead.  The only movie, I have seen him in where I thought he did well in a main role was “Lord of the Rings”.
  2. Movies that are dark like this don’t typically appeal to me, especially in a Computer Graphics presentation.
  3. This movie would have trouble finding a solid audience; It is too dark for young children, and will have limited appeal to adults.
  4. The cult themes are getting overdone…does every CGI movie have to have “spirits” and “magic” now to make it interesting?  Don’t get me wrong, there are movies that use these elements to tell a great story…this was not one of them.
  5. The movie was entirely too short to tell a decent story.  80 minutes is enough time for two episodes of a TV show, but not enough time to get an introduction, main part of a story, climax and resolution for a movie.
  6. *Spoiler* The idea of a guy transferring his soul into 9 different dolls is kind of…dumb.  If he could transfer his soul, why not into something that would be better equipped to take out “the machine”…like an army of better machines…
  7. *Spoiler* The ending was very sudden, and there was a false ending about 10 minutes before that.  It’s almost like they new it was going to be too short as is, so they added in 4 minutes of “fluff” and had a little party.
  8. *Spoiler* The idea that the souls would return to earth in raindrops made absolutely no sense to me.
  9. Overall the movie was just weird and had a lot of just strange aspects to it.  I know it shouldn’t have been surprising since it was a Tim Burton movie…but even for “Timmah” this one was weird.

Christian issues/concerns: Moderate animated violence, Mild to Moderate spiritual/cult themes.  Nothing here to be too terribly worried about (I don’t think it earned it’s pg-13 rating personally, It felt more PG, but its like they wanted it to be PG-13 to make it more marketable for the teen age group)

Overall: 4/10.  Your time would be better spent watching something else.  In my opinion there are a lot better movies out there.


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