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In The News: Teacher cries ‘hate crime’ over Bible left on desk

The original story can be found here:

There are a lot of elements to this story that should be carefully considered.  I admit, my knee jerk reaction is to automatically side with the Christian students, but again we only know a few details. A couple of points to think about:

  1. The biggest gripe that I have with this whole situation is the use of the phrase “hate crime”.  While certainly there are crimes that are motivated by pure bigotry (and who knows, it could be the case here that the Bible being placed on the desk could be motivated by bigotry) a phrase that equates beating someone to death due to the amount of melanin in their skin to putting a book and a seemingly innocuous note on someones desk is just moronic.  They are not the same, nor should they even be in the same ballpark or the same sport for that matter.
  2. Given the fact that the woman’s last name is “Hussain” leads me to think there is a much bigger chance of her being of Mideastern descent which would also increase the chance that she is not a Christian (when compared to the percentage of believers in the United States).  Now people need not be hatefully persecuted for their beliefs, but it sounds as if she had an issue with her students beliefs since their “Jesus loves me” writing and “Christian T-shirts” apparently bothered her before this incident occurred.  My question is why would this bother her?  As a teacher, if it was interrupting class, I could understand it.  Even I, a Christian, would be frustrated if Christian students were trying to do this in the middle of a lesson.  But again we are not aware of the circumstances.  If it bothered her because it was happening during appropriate circumstances, then i would say that the students might not be the only people in the situation guilty of a bigoted predisposition.

As a teacher, if the roles were reversed and a Koran was placed on my desk, yes I would be upset, but I would not go screaming “Hate Crime”.  It is an overreaction to what appears to be a juvenile and non-Christian prank.  I would like to know more details, but to me it seems to be a prank that was escalated and exacerbated by the teachers overreaction.


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