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Tech-Lust and Idolitry

I must admit, I am addicted to technology. Computers, Smart phones, pretty much anything shiny that has circuitry in it makes me drool. Sites like, and the like could be equivalent to my “dealers”. I look up information on new computer gear and smart-phones multiple times a day (even tough I’m not able to upgrade either for another 6 months). It’s one of those things that I look at of myself and begin to wonder if they are starting to become Idols to me.

To make matters worse, while I have really started to enjoy blogging, it has also become a temptation for materialism as I am figuring out how to use advertising to supplement my income.  Ultimately I know that God will provide and I know that there is nothing wrong with making money on the side, however I must confess that trying to balance an understandable motivation to make supplementary income can be difficult to “reign-in” at times and not be caught up in full blown greed.  I know that most people think of idols as a golden calf, or a wooden statue that people bow down and worship, but really, idolatry can take many, much more subtle, forms.

This day in age when we seem to be bombarded on all angles by people, technology, sport teams, movie, TV and book series it is hard NOT to succumb to idolatry of some type. It’s like all for us are looking for things to get excited about (bordering on worship) and sadly, even for “Christians” the appropriate object of our worship (Christ) rarely gets the amount of time and passion dedicated to Him that other things in our life do.

Take a few moments and watch this excellent video by Marc Driscoll from Mars Hill Church and listen to what he says about Jesus being seen as an “Idol giver”. Outstanding analysis of peoples motivation to seek him out.

With lent coming up (not that I have ever participated before, but I have thought about it from time to time) I can’t help but think about this. We (people, especially Americans) can easily spend HOURS a day in front of a computer, television, or involved in some other activity that becomes almost more than a passion or hobby and borders on an unhealthy addiction or idolatry. What things in your life are approaching “Idol-hood”? Entertainment? Money? Power? A sports team? Status? Body shape? Sex? Collecting “things”? What things in your life would be really hard for you to fast from for any period of time? What are you going to do about it?

Even as I write this it is hard for me to think about minimizing my time on the internet. Given there is quite a bit of time I do spend to God honoring things (researching apologetics, writing articles like these) but it is still something in my life I need to monitor. I humbly request your prayers for me on this, and I would be happy to pray for you with yours.

God Bless.



3 responses

  1. CWSM

    This is really insightful. Most americans are not good at, willing or able to really step back and look at themselves or their actions. We all need to do this more often to see how we might be effecting others without knowing it. As as example, if we are to believe Tiger Woods, and I really want to, he has finally been striped down to where he is forced to….The hard way, but none the less he seems to be finally doing it.
    Keep it up Neil. CWSM

    February 19, 2010 at 11:01 AM

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