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Succumbing to Greed, and Repenting

I have spent a very good portion of the past few days trying to monetize this blog (aka. turn this blog into a cash machine) and trying to earn money by writing articles on the internet at ehow, bukisa etc.  Here’s the sad thing: I have a full time job, summers off, health insurance, a car (and a car payment), no credit card debt and more toys than I really need or deserve.  At the current state of the country, that puts me right up there with some of the best situated people in the country.

I looked back and realized that, I don’t need this extra cash.  I spent HOURS this weekend building this site, tweaking it to make some money and if that wasn’t enough I decided to delve into online article writing.  I prostituted out my content just to earn a few pennies (and the sad this is that I didn’t even get a SINGLE penny from Google ad sense or amazon associates…talk about poetic justice) and in the process turned my blog that was meant to spread the gospel and honor God into an idol of greed and self-indulgence.  Satan is truly a cunning and ever present adversary.  Thank God he is nothing compared to the holy spirit.

I truly enjoy writing be it about Christianity, gadgets, football or something else.  While I feel that writing for money on the side is perfectly fine, the extent to which it took over my life the past few days is absolutely not God honoring and not truly profitable in the spiritual sense (and ironically nor was it profitable in the material sense :)).

I apologize for that and ask that you please pray for me.  Let me know if you ever feel something ad-oriented on here is taking away from the site as a whole.

God bless.



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