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In the News: Salvation? There's an app for THAT?

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I came across this article today about congregations utilizing apps and other smartphone technology for varying aspects of church life.  Mars Hill Church has started to utilize text messaging to answer questions from the congregation (as seen here).  While I think utilizing this technology for streamlining organization and communication is wonderful, I’m still hesitant for them to be out and open during a service.  I know people use it to read their bibles during service, I even did it once or twice.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy technology and I am a Smartphone junkie, but the whole time it was out, I felt like I was distracted from the service.  It was like my facebook app on my blackberry was saying “Come on, just multitask a little…update your status…no one will know.”  I’m not saying having one out is a sin, but I don’t feel comfortable doing it personally.  Who knows, that might change for me over time.

This also poses a question in that, how inclusive are we being if so much of our church revolves around a piece of hardware that is not easily accessible to people who can’t afford an iPhone?

What do you think?  Do you think this trend is a positive one?  Or do you feel it will be too inclusive or distracting?  Do you have any other thoughts on the issue?

God bless.



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