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In The News: College students urged: Trade Bible for Playboy

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Only on a college campus or in the most Godless areas of the country could this be seen as a positive program.  While the bible does contain stories of all sorts of horrible acts, anyone thinking that the overall message of the bible is worse than that of pornography which objectifies women, assaults the family, physical intimacy and love is just not seeing things clearly.  Pornography is so incredibly harmful.  Here is a list of negative effects from the Family Research Council:



  • Married men who are involved in pornography feel less satisfied with their conjugal relations and less emotionally attached to their wives. Wives notice and are upset by the difference.
  • Pornography use is a pathway to infidelity and divorce, and is frequently a major factor in these family disasters.
  • Among couples affected by one spouse’s addiction, two-thirds experience a loss of interest in sexual intercourse.
  • Both spouses perceive pornography viewing as tantamount to infidelity.
  • Pornography viewing leads to a loss of interest in good family relations.


  • Pornography is addictive, and neuroscientists are beginning to map the biological substrate of this addiction.
  • Users tend to become desensitized to the type of pornorgraphy they use, become bored with it, and then seek more perverse forms of pornography.
  • Men who view pornography regularly have a higher tolerance for abnormal sexuality, including rape, sexual aggression, and sexual promiscuity.
  • Prolonged consumption of pornography by men produces stronger notions of women as commodities or as “sex objects.”
  • Pornography engenders greater sexual permissiveness, which in turn leads to a greater risk of out-of-wedlock births and STDs. These, in turn, lead to still more weaknesses and debilities.
  • Child-sex offenders are more likely to view pornography regularly or to be involved in its distribution.


  • Many adolescents who view pornography initially feel shame, diminished self-confidence, and sexual uncertainty, but these feelings quickly shift to unadulterated enjoyment with regular viewing.
  • The presence of sexually oriented businesses significantly harms the surrounding community, leading to increases in crime and decreases in property values.
  • The main defenses against pornography are close family life, a good marriage and good relations between parents and children, coupled with deliberate parental monitoring of Internet use. Traditionally, government has kept a tight lid on sexual traffic and businesses, but in matters of pornography that has waned almost completely, except where child pornography is concerned. Given the massive, deleterious individual, marital, family, and social effects of pornography, it is time for citizens, communities, and government to reconsider their laissez-faire approach.

If they are worried about books promoting evil acts or atrocities, what about the communist written material that led to MILLIONS of deaths in the 20th century?  Or how about books on social Darwinism?  Abortion?  Euthanasia?  Are they accepting these texts as well?

It is so sad to me that people are being duped into believing that pornography is better than the bible and that porn is just harmless fun.  I pray passionately that it NEVER creeps into my life or yours.

May God bless you and give you clear vision to see His truth and to see through the lies of our increasingly Godless nation.



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