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Influence of Christian Rap

Christian Rap.  I foresee this medium as being the single most powerful tool for the growth of the true body of Christ for urban youth.  It’s passion, relevance, bold proclamations of truth are EXACTLY what our urban youth (and the body of believers as a whole) DESPERATELY need more of.

Rap/Hip-hop has its roots in the urban African American culture of the late 1970’s.  Since its creation it has become continually more bold, outspoken, unafraid and promoted.  Bold.  Outspoken.  Unafraid.  Promoted.  Isn’t that what Christ wanted for the gospel? To me, the gospel and rap/hip-hop seems like (you’ll have to pardon the intentional pun) a match made in heaven.  The fact that hip-hop culture possesses attributes that Christ wanted in people who spread the gospel I do not feel is at all coincidence.  I share the opinion that one well know christian rapper has that “We don’t live for hip-hop, hip-hop lives for us!”.  I am convinced that while rap was initially a tool used to promote all kinds of unholy behavior, God will use it to recruit passionate young men and women to spread the gospel.

The amount of outstanding Christian Rap out there just gives me goosebumps.  It’s TRULY awesome that this medium has turned into such a powerful tool for the gospel.

Maybe it’s because of my age and situation (the fact that i used to listen to secular rap on a regular basis) that makes me feel this way, but there is a boldness, truth and emotion found in Christian Rap that I don’t find in any other genre of Christian music.  The songs cover everything from the general message of the gospel, to reflection and repentance of an artist’s personal sin, to an artists testimony to songs that are so heavy in theology that you really wont be able to get half of the song until you treat really delving into serious theological study.  It’s incredible.

A great song by Hazakim showing how we are saved only by God’s grace and not by ANY works that we do.

Another classic by Flame dissecting and completely dismantling oneness Pentecostalism.

An upbeat inspiring song by Sho Baraka to get out there and spread the gospel and how the Church has become a “culture” and not a collaborative movement of believers.

A song by Stephen Brindle emphasizing that If you want Jesus you better be ready to change and sacrifice.

A stirring, poetic freestyle by the awesome Shai Linne with a message about Christ at the end.

A song by DA T.R.U.T.H. (sadly it was found out recently that he committed adultery, but his label had the integrity to suspend his status until he could rehabilitate) showing us what it may be like when that final trumpet blows and Christ returns.

A song by a number of artists talking about how we fail and how we pray that God will “Chisel us” and conform us to his image

A song by K-drama about Praising God in all circumstances.

I have only scratched the surface with this list.  This medium is going to be so powerful for the future of believers.  I BEG you even if you despise rap, just listen to one of these songs and be inspired by knowing that this message is spreading through the youth culture.

I pray FERVERENTLY that these artists continue to spread the gospel and that we be bold enough to live out these songs messages and to support them how we can.

God Bless.



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