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Book Review: Dark Journey, Deep Grace

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So often in our Christian life, we have moments of fear, doubt and guilt.  “What was I thinking?”, “How can I ever be forgiven for this?”. These statements are not uncommon.  If you think that YOU have sins to worry about I have two words for you: Jeffery Dahmer.

Dark Journey, Deep Grace is a book that the world will find disgusting, repulsive and try to use it as ammunition against the Christian faith.  The believer will find it disgusting and repulsive as well, but not for the same reasons the world will.  The believer will find it disgusting because of Mr. Dhamer’s acts, but the wordl will find it disgusting because the author belives that Mr. Dhamer is saved.  Ultimately I found the book humbling.  Humbled by this wonderful example of God’s grace, his forgiveness, his faithfulness and his amazing ability to love us, Jeffery Dhamer included, despite our sin.  Once we are able to wrap our head around the astonishing forgiveness provided by God, the assault the world will try to use against believers will have no affect against us and we can see it for what it really is: an amazing story of redemption, showcasing the beauty of Godly love.

The book details Jeffery’s horrific crimes, apprehension by authorities, and his glorious turn around after being put in prison for his crimes.  I don’t want to go into too much detail as I think this book would be great for everyone (provided they can handle the graphic nature and description of his crimes).  It is a testament to the power of guilt, but the even greater power of truth, forgiveness, repentance and love all glorifying God in the process.

If you are being tormented by perpetual guilt, read this book.  It will give you a stirring example of how God can forgive anything, even the horrific crimes committed by the late Mr. Dhamer.

God bless.



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