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Work and Answered Prayer

It’s spring break.  I have nine days off of work.  I will be spending part of my time camping with my fiance on the coast.  I plan on trying to spend some of that time in solitude for prayer, meditation on the word and in hopes of clearly hearing God’s voice.  Something I have come to realize it that just because we don’t hear a voice from the heavens does not mean he is not speaking to us.

A while back, I was SERIOUSLY considering leaving teaching.  I was having trouble with the kids, felt like my efforts were becoming futile and just frustrated with teaching all together.  I prayed about it, thought about it, looked at other options.  And then four very cool things happened all in a period of 24 hours:

  1. I talked to a coworker about my situation.  She said that she faced a similar situation when she was at the same stage in her teaching career.  She also spoke how highly our common students spoke of me as a teacher.
  2. That same day, as a part of a research project, I received a very sweet page long letter from a student of mine praising me for my efforts, my humor and saying that I had taken a subject she hated and turned it into something that she enjoys.
  3. I had a phone call with a parent of a student who had faced a lot of difficulties lately and she again said she thought I was doing a great job and that I was one of two teachers she thought was really helping her child.
  4. A Christian Rapper, Sho Baraka, whom I follow on twitter (Yeah, i’m a cyber celebrity stocker) put this up on his page: “If God has called you to be a trashman, don’t stoop so low as to become a King“.  This really solidified it for me that my career isn’t about what is going to make me happy or my life easy, but it’s about where the Lord can best use me.

Never in my life have I felt like it was made so obvious to  me that where I was is where I belong.  It has inspired me to work even harder, and in doing so, my students are learning better and I enjoy the job more.  It has been such a blessing.

Please pray for me for patience, energy, truth, love and contentment.  I will need it to keep up with teenagers for the next 30 years. 🙂

God bless.



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