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Expressing love, gratitude and worship OUTSIDE of church


Bible reading.  Prayer.  Singing songs of worship.  Caring for others.  These are all wonderful things that happen often within the confines of the church (I mean the actual building).  However, we (myself included) need to remember that we are Christians every second of our lives after we are converted.  This means that we should be spending more than just the “mandatory” hour a week reflecting, praying, learning or serving.  Not only should we spend more than the mandatory hour a week, we should WANT to spend time doing this.  After all, what you spend your time on shows where your heart is.

How can someone say that they truly love God if they have no desire to obey, honor, serve, learn about him or worship him?  If someone says that they love their wife, but do not spend time in obedience, honoring, learning about her or serving her, or even showing a desire to do these things would you really think that he loves her?  Why should that be any different for our relationship with God?

For example:  I used to play World of Warcraft.  This is a computer game that can completely suck your life away.  There are people who spend more time playing this game than they do with their friends, their wives and their children.  Literally 30+ hours a week is not uncommon, and it was not uncommon for me.  I spent so much time on this game that it became my life.  I even spent time at work on the computer researching the game, so that when i got home from work, I could play even MORE.  I was unsaved at the time, and it was sad because I would have sworn to people up and down that I was a Christian, but there was not an ounce of Christ in me at the time.  I spent hardly any time in prayer.  No time reading the bible.  Little time caring for others (and when I did, it was usually self-serving).  ZERO time in worship.  I did not love God, and it is so sad for me to see that now.  Yet I rejoice that, that is no longer the case for my life.

So my question to you is; How do you show your love for God on a daily basis?  Do you TRULY have a desire to do these things, or do you just do them because you know they are the right thing to do, or because you have your arm twisted?  If you do not have a desire to do these things, how do you know you love God?  And if you don’t know if you love God, how do you know you are saved?


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