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The “god of comfort”

God himself is a God of comfort.  He, through his promises, covenants, love and presence can comfort us in all of our afflictions.  Sadly, I find people (myself included) worshiping the “god of comfort” instead of the “God of comfort”.  What I mean by that is that, if God is the lord of our lives, we will be compelled to follow him and his decrees.  Certainly this will not be done perfectly as we are unable to be separated from our sinful flesh until we die and achieve glorification through God’s grace.  However, we need to be sure that comfort itself does not become our “idol”, “prize”, “goal”, “object of worship” etc.  As americans, we are so used to being able to achieve extremem confort that, often, we an forget that times of DISCOMFORT is usually when we grow the most.

How comfortable were you during your first real job interview?  How comfortable were you on that first date?  How comfortable were you when you moved out of your parents house?  How comfortable were you when you realized that you committed sin against a holy, perfect and righteous God, and he had every right to put you to death right then and there?  Yet, through all of these experiences, while there was discomfort (and during some perhaps EXTREME discomfort) there was also TREMENDOUS growth.

I don’t know about you, but comfort is boring.  Give me an opportunity to represent Christ.  Give me a resource to learn more about God.  Give me a chance to evangelize.  There is nothing on this earth as satisfying as serving the Lord and knowing that another soul is being saved.  Let us keep in mind that there is nothing more important that we can tell someone than the gospel.

Embrace the fear.  Embrace the discomfort.  Embrace the spirit of the saints.  Embrace that lost soul!

Let us be uncomfortable and disgusted with our “god of comfort” and pursue the “comfort of God”!

God bless.



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