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Book Review: So What’s the Difference? – Fritz Ridenour

There are hundreds of belief systems in the world.  Many of them acknowledge Jesus as a “great man”, “great teacher”, “a divine spirit”, “an offspring of God” and so on and so on.  With so many faiths that recognize Jesus in one form or another, it can be difficult for new comers to the faith to be able to tell if what they are hearing is truth, fallacy or opinion.  Sadly, many cults and belief systems will manipulate the fact that so many are familiar with Christ, to use his name as a lure to lead people away from the Truth.  So What’s the Difference by Fritz Ridenour is an outstanding book that can help remedy this phenomenon, by covering the essential beliefs of the Christian faith and comparing them to over 20 different cults, false religions and belief systems.

While the book can seem intimidating because it covers such a broad range of belief systems, it is a very easy read, and makes crystal clear the conflicting viewpoints and/or heresy being preached by the other religious systems.  At the end of each topic there is section that contrasts what the Bible teaches and what the other “churches” promote as truth.  There is such a condensed wealth of information in each section that I felt I read a text book, yet it was still an easy read that did not compromise or soften the blow that God’s word is truth and that we give no apologies for living it and believing it.

The section on Mormonism alone was worth the purchase.  It was amazing to hear how many blatantly obvious lies and marketing has gone on in the Mormon Church since its inception.  The sections on Roman Catholicism, The Watchtower (Jehovah’s Witnesses) and Islam were eye opening as well.  I feel much more prepared to discuss faith with individuals in these groups since I know the major discrepancies among their beliefs, traditions and writings and that of Biblical Christianity.

So What’s the Difference is absolutely recommended for newcomers to the Christian faith, to help them sharpen their knowledge of what the Bible teaches and what to look out for when exposing ourselves to other belief systems.  I would also recommend it to any people out there who are interested in apologetics.  While it would not be enough information for an in-depth debate, it would be a wonderful introduction into other faiths and a great place to start to understand the basics of other belief systems.

God bless.



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