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Christian Thrill Seeker?

Video games.  They used to be a huge passion of mine.  I would spend easily dozens of hours a week playing or researching them.  Then I went and grew up.  I play games now probably less than 2 hours a week.  Unless the game is HEAVILY story based (which is more like an interactive movie), they really don’t do a whole lot for me anymore.  I’ve come to the realization that the only difference between an experience between one video game and another is the combination of buttons pressed, and the combination of pixels that appear on the screen.  About the only time I play them is to kill time, or to interact with friends.  I have a different passion growing in me now.  The seed was planted a few years back when I had my “Road to Damascas” experience and truly came to Christ for the first time in my life.  Since then I have read dozens of books and looked at hundreds of videos that are faith oriented, especially regarding evangelism, theology and apologetics.  These three things evangelism, theology and apologetics have taken hold in me and have stoked a fire like no other.

I DEEPLY desire to share my faith with others (thus, “Christian Lenses” came to be), and to lead people to Christ.  I continue to have this vision of talking to people in Portland.  On the streets.  In bars (not that i’m really a drinker).  Wherever.  However, there are a few things “standing in my way” (also known as excuses):

  1. Fear of confrontation: I have never been someone who likes confrontation.  Don’t get me wrong, when push comes to shove, I will stand my ground, but I am defiantly not one to go pick a fight, and usually I am a good enough speaker to talk my way out of sticky situations.  When talking about things like faith, and absolute truth, people can get VERY defensive which will make people more likely to get heated.  When people get upset, they are less likely to listen to reason, thus less likelihood that people will keep their minds open to the gospel.
  2. Fear of my intellectual limitations: I have a veracious appetite for knowledge relevant to the faith, but the more I learn, I realize I know less than I thought.
  3. Fear of pride: Winning an argument, being proven right, or “achieving” a conversion leads me toward pride.  It happens a LOT.  That is me becoming prideful (not necessarily winning an argument…Just ask Jenn, my fiancé : ))  If leading people to Christ continually lead me to be prideful, I would have mixed feeling about continuing in this specific form of evangelism.
  4. Fear of job-oriented repercussions: I am a teacher at a public school.  As such, I am, in a very small way, a public figure.  While I am not ashamed of my faith, I must confess that if some of my students (Many of whom are not Christian) started to feel uncomfortable in my classroom (not that I evangelize in my class or anything) I would be heartbroken.  Not to mention, I may start to become avoided by parents who are uncomfortable with my outspoken faith.
  5. Fear of the unknown:  Then there is that general fear of what COULD happen.  What am I not thinking about?  What could come of this that I am not aware of?

So people out there on the net, what are you thoughts on this?  What would you do?  What (if any) has your experience been witnessing to strangers?

God bless.



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