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Saving Faith is Like the Flu…

“Faith” in Jesus Christ can mean a whole lot of things to different people.  Faith, in the american culture, could be described about someone who merely said the sinners prayer one time years ago, but hasn’t prayed, opened the bible or attended a church service in decades.  Or you could say someone who reads daily, bears the fruit of the spirit and is a theological genius has “faith” as well.  That is why I am in favor of the term “Saving faith”.  This kind of faith that does not just acknowledge Christ on an intellectual level, but results from the indwelling of the holy spirit being showed by a life with Christ, alone at the top, of their priorities.

Not a “part” of their lives.

Not even an “important” part of their lives.

But the absolute, number one, solitary authority in their lives.

Saving faith is like the flu:

You don’t get the flu virus because you throw up, get a temperature and feel different.

With the flu, you throw up, get a temperature and feel different because you have the flu virus.

You don’t get “Saving faith” because you obey the ten commandments, love other and worship Jesus Christ.

You obey the ten commandments, love others and worship Jesus Christ BECAUSE YOU HAVE SAVING FAITH.

It continues to amaze me how many people, especially professing Christians, believe that what works we do has ANYTHING with our salvation.  Repeat after me: WE ARE NOT SAVED BY WORKS!  WE ARE NOT SAVED BY WORKS!  We must not EVER fall into the trap of feeling that Jesus is ok with anything less than his complete Lordship of our lives.  Think about it:  If we decide to obey Jesus for 99% of our lives, but we decide that we are not going to obey him on 1%…who is really “Lord” of our lives.  In that case the individual makes THEMSELVES Lord instead of Christ.  This is SO dangerous, SO deceptive and SO deadly.  Certainly we will all struggle with sin, stumble and fall, but an outright rebellion and refusal to submit to the Lord’s will in even one area shows Him and us where our true allegiance lies. Christ himself said that there would be MANY people who would profess him as Lord and savior with their lips, but will be turned away because their faith was false.  Don’t let that be you please.  Your eternity depends on it.

What saving faith is NOT:

  • Saying the sinners prayer
  • Going to church every week
  • Reading the bible
  • Trying hard to be a “good person”

Satan has worked very successfully to convince millions of people that we can save ourselves.  DO NOT FALL INTO THIS LIE!!!  If anyone tells you that the way to heaven is by anything else than making Jesus Christ your SAVIOR AND LORD, or that you need to make him your savior and lord AND YOU NEED TO DO GOOD WORKS…THEY ARE FALSE TEACHERS AND NOT OF GOD!

What saving faith is:

  • Making Jesus your Savior and Lord

Saving faith is SHOWN by:

  • True love for God
  • Conviction of sin, repentance and working to stop sinful behavior, becuase you desire to serve God
  • Heartfelt worship of the Lord
  • Love and forgiveness of others (even when they mistreat you)
  • A desire to grow spiritually

I pray this has made a difference to even one person out there.  I pray for all of us.  Let us finish strong and be greeted by Christ as a “Good and faithful servant” after we leave the earth.

God bless you all.



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