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Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges is one of those books that should be read and reread by ALL believers.  Every time I read through it, it convicts me of sins that go nearly completely unchecked in my life.  Among them is the sin of unthankfulness.

If we believe, like scripture tells us, that every good gift is a gift from God, then how often should we be thanking God throughout our days?

That beautiful sunrise?  A gift from God.

The place you live?  A gift from God.

The food you eat?  A gift from God.

We should live, saturated in the knowledge, that God has had the right since our very fist sin, to condemn us forever.  How thankful should we be just to be able to breathe the air we breathe?  Our very lives, our free will are His gift to us.  How much MORE thankful should we be that we are His children and that we are saved.  Not only are we saved, our salvation is NOT dependant upon our behavior, it, like everything else in our lives, is a gift from God.

Let us strive to live, perpetually thankful for ALL that we have.  Let us be thankful that we are saved through our faith, and around the dinner table Thursday, let us be thankful and bold, sharing the faith when the opportunity presents itself.

Have a wonderful holiday, and safe travels.



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