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Sharing Christ with Others


It SHOULD (and usually does) come down to one word: Love.  Love for others.  Love for God.

That is what this looks like:













However, there are times when people evangelize for one word: Love.  Love of self.  Love of pride.  Love of belittling others.  Love of being right.

That is what this looks like:












Unfortunately, a lot of non-believers out there have an idea (and in some cases they ARE right) that we have some sort of selfish motive to try and get others to come to Christ.  Some of this is due to a previous bad experience with evangelism.  Maybe they were given the “fire and brimstone” approach.  Maybe they were given the “easy believeism” approach, and when they realised that becoming a Christian IS a commitment, they bailed, never understanding the true gospel.

Whatever the case may be, we ARE called to spread the gospel.  This does not mean every Christian must be out on the streets talking about Jesus.  God has told us in his word that we are placed in our situations by him for his purposes.  If that is the case, then he can use us where we are.  Think of people in your current “sphere” that need Christ.  Friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.  These are all people we have regular contact with, and unless you are very sheltered, chances are at least one of them needs to hear the gospel.

If evangelism makes you nervous, try starting with these steps:

1) Pray for them.  Prayer is very powerful.  Sometimes prayers are answered immediatly, some are answered much later, and some might not be answered at all.  But we are encouraged to do it, and it DOES make a difference.

2) Ask people about what they believe.  Ask people about what their thoughts are on God, what their religious background is etc.  Simply bringing up the topic will help break the ice.

3) Share your experiences, but be careful not to share them all at once.  People like to hear stories, but most wont be interested in hearing your ENTIRE story.  Start with some simple things like and answered prayer for illness in the family, or something like that.

4) Ask them if they know about the Gospel.  Ask them if they know what Christians believe (Especially about the nature of God and salvation.  These two are critical.)

5) Be patient.  It can take years or decades for people to come to Christ.  My mother prayed for me for over 25 years before I had REAL faith in Christ.  I am so thankful that she did.

I pray this helps our efforts and that we can all be tools utilized for the salvation of other and the glory of God.

Take care.



One response

  1. Thanks Neil,
    Some good practical advice.
    I have found that listening is huge when we are engaged in one on one, particularly. By listen to them, and the Holy Spirit at the same time, He gives us the response.
    God bless you,

    December 2, 2010 at 7:40 PM

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