Thoughts, observations, scripture and other articles relating to Christianity and the Christian life.

A Painful Awakening

Our eyes are amazing things.  In the dark, our pupils enlarge, allowing us to take in more in the darkness.  When we are sharply exposed to more light, it becomes painful, our pupils contract and and take a long time to fully adjust to the light.  However, once our vision adjusts to the light, we can see ourselves as we are, not just how we THINK we are.

Coming to Christ is very similar.  Until Christ calls us and we answer, we are left in the dark.  We are in the darkness, and do whatever we want in the darkness because no one else can see what we are doing and might even think we can do these actions with no consequences.  We delve into sin, satisfying whatever our flesh leads us to do.  Affairs, pornography, sexual abuse and drug abuse are just a few examples.

Then something happens, Christ calls us, we are exposed to the light and then the true sinfulness and disgusting nature of our acts becomes apparent to ourselves.  This is equivalent to turning on the light.  This period where the “light first turns on” is often humiliating and painful but it is very necessary.  Don’t let the pain of this transition period discourage you.  Before we can become more like Christ, we must first recognize how UNLIKE him we currently are.

Stay on the straight and narrow.  Prayer continually.  Ask other believers to help you.  You WILL still struggle not to sin.  That is normal.  Just don’t give up.  When you are tempted, go read the words of Christ for encouragement.  He loves you, TRULY, more than you can imagine and wants to see you suceed.  This will mean pain now, but you will be so greatful when you do finally see him face to face.

God bless and encourage us in all of our trials.



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