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What we can learn from hospital visits

So, Jenn (my wife) woke up with kidney stones this morning and we took a field trip to the hospital.  Hospitals are a place of high emotion and do a great job of stripping away distractions and showing you a persons true nature.  No cable tv, no internet (most of the time anyway…Jenn is getting a CT so I am doing this to kill time and to keep me from working myself into thinking this illness is something it’s not).  Just you, your loved ones and your thought life.  The fact that so many people near by are so close to Christ or hell is a bit overwhelming.

I would imagine that hospitals might be (outside of church) the most common place where people finally come to Christ.  Finally in a situation where our own mortality is staring us right in the face, we can no longer ignore the inevitable: we are going to die.  We will discover what lies beyond this life.  And as the Bible tells us, MANY people will not like what they find.  Only when it is too late will the truth become obvious to them:

Jesus IS Lord.  Hell IS real.  Our object of faith DOES matter.  Our deeds AREN’T relevant to our salvation.

This is one of the big reasons that I do and say what I do.  Heaven, Hell, God, Satan are all a fact of universal reality, NOT someone’s realities truth.

Let us act accordingly; always on the lookout to be used as a instrument of salvation for others by Christ’s sovereignty.

God bless.



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