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Another great video on Islam

Outstanding points here.  How can the Qur’an be the word of God, if it makes errors about common knowledge in what other religions believe?  Answer: The Qur’an is NOT the word of God/Allah.


More on Islam

Another video from  I can’t recommend this website enough.  The more I hear about Islam, the more I begin to understand just how dangerous it’s teachings are.

Let us pray that Muslims may come to Christ by showing them the truth with love, never with intimidation or violence.


In the News: The institution of marriage in Islam; a whorehouse for men, a jail house for women

A frightening view of how marriage exists in the Islamic world.  WARNING: Drawn Nudity, but if you can handle it without sinning, I HIGHLY recommend you read it.

Let us pray that things would change and that these practices would stop.

God bless.