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More on Islam

Another video from  I can’t recommend this website enough.  The more I hear about Islam, the more I begin to understand just how dangerous it’s teachings are.

Let us pray that Muslims may come to Christ by showing them the truth with love, never with intimidation or violence.



Video on John 1:1

If you have been reading the comments, you will see that TJ and I have been having a discussion about John 1:1 (Thank you TJ for your comments and encouraging me to investigate this matter further).  As I was searching, I found a video from Dr. James White.  I will be the first to admit that I am no Greek scholar (Dr. White however IS) and the nuances of the Greek langue , you’ll have to pardon the pun, “Is all Greek to me”.  (Oh I crack myself up).  However, I found this video to be helpful.  I hope you enjoy it.

On a side note, prayers for my wife, Jenn, would be appreciated as she is having some health issues right now (nothing serious, but the duration of her illness is becoming very frustrating for her).

God bless.


What we can learn from hospital visits

So, Jenn (my wife) woke up with kidney stones this morning and we took a field trip to the hospital.  Hospitals are a place of high emotion and do a great job of stripping away distractions and showing you a persons true nature.  No cable tv, no internet (most of the time anyway…Jenn is getting a CT so I am doing this to kill time and to keep me from working myself into thinking this illness is something it’s not).  Just you, your loved ones and your thought life.  The fact that so many people near by are so close to Christ or hell is a bit overwhelming.

I would imagine that hospitals might be (outside of church) the most common place where people finally come to Christ.  Finally in a situation where our own mortality is staring us right in the face, we can no longer ignore the inevitable: we are going to die.  We will discover what lies beyond this life.  And as the Bible tells us, MANY people will not like what they find.  Only when it is too late will the truth become obvious to them:

Jesus IS Lord.  Hell IS real.  Our object of faith DOES matter.  Our deeds AREN’T relevant to our salvation.

This is one of the big reasons that I do and say what I do.  Heaven, Hell, God, Satan are all a fact of universal reality, NOT someone’s realities truth.

Let us act accordingly; always on the lookout to be used as a instrument of salvation for others by Christ’s sovereignty.

God bless.


In the News: The institution of marriage in Islam; a whorehouse for men, a jail house for women

A frightening view of how marriage exists in the Islamic world.  WARNING: Drawn Nudity, but if you can handle it without sinning, I HIGHLY recommend you read it.

Let us pray that things would change and that these practices would stop.

God bless.


Witnessing to Witnesses

(I mean no offense to Jehovah’s Witnesses with posting the above image, I just thought it was funny.)

Three or four times in the past few months a few Jehovah’s Witnesses have come to my door;  a very sweet elderly woman (sadly her name is escaping me) and a man named Clay.  They have been very kind and I have let them know that I am a Christian, but  I feel like the next time Clay comes back, I may invite him in for a discussion on faith.  I have zero interest in converting to becoming a Jehovah’s Witness as I know their Bible is curropt and they teach falsehoods on God, Jesus, the holy spirit and salvation, however I would like to witness to this man.

I was wondering if any of you out there have had a discussion with witnesses in the past, and if so, what questions or tactics are good to take when witnessing to them?  Is there anything else you would recommend?

Please pray this man, that his eyes may be open to the free gift of salvation, through faith, in the authentic Jesus Christ.  Also, please pray for me that I continually have a humble, truthful and loving tone when talking to him.

God bless.


Errors According to Roman Catholicism

I kid you not, the following statements were condemned as ERRORS by Rome.  Specifically, Paschasius Quesnel [Condemned in the dogmatic Constitution, “Unigenitus,”Sept. 8, 1713] (Link)

1380 – “All whom God who wishes to save through Christ are infallibly saved.”

In the words of Sheila Broflovski “WHAT WHAT WHAT?!?”  God can’t save a soul he chooses to save?  Isn’t God all powerful?  Isn’t he sovereign over all?  Anyone who has spent meaningful time in exegesis of scripture will be able to tell you this is COMPLETELY wrong.

I originally heard these on the Dividing Line podcast.  I was FLOORED.  Don’t be decieved by the fallibility and sinful cunning of man and works-based religions.  They are ALL in contrarty to God’s word.

If you are a Roman Catholic, I plead with you to let the scriptures speak for themselves.  Don’t believe something about God because a FALLIBLE man in fancy robes says so, read God’s word and decide for yourself.

God bless.





A Painful Awakening

Our eyes are amazing things.  In the dark, our pupils enlarge, allowing us to take in more in the darkness.  When we are sharply exposed to more light, it becomes painful, our pupils contract and and take a long time to fully adjust to the light.  However, once our vision adjusts to the light, we can see ourselves as we are, not just how we THINK we are.

Coming to Christ is very similar.  Until Christ calls us and we answer, we are left in the dark.  We are in the darkness, and do whatever we want in the darkness because no one else can see what we are doing and might even think we can do these actions with no consequences.  We delve into sin, satisfying whatever our flesh leads us to do.  Affairs, pornography, sexual abuse and drug abuse are just a few examples.

Then something happens, Christ calls us, we are exposed to the light and then the true sinfulness and disgusting nature of our acts becomes apparent to ourselves.  This is equivalent to turning on the light.  This period where the “light first turns on” is often humiliating and painful but it is very necessary.  Don’t let the pain of this transition period discourage you.  Before we can become more like Christ, we must first recognize how UNLIKE him we currently are.

Stay on the straight and narrow.  Prayer continually.  Ask other believers to help you.  You WILL still struggle not to sin.  That is normal.  Just don’t give up.  When you are tempted, go read the words of Christ for encouragement.  He loves you, TRULY, more than you can imagine and wants to see you suceed.  This will mean pain now, but you will be so greatful when you do finally see him face to face.

God bless and encourage us in all of our trials.


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